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my trimuphant return to blogging.

Hi there, friends. I’ve forgotten how to blog. Or maybe I’ve just been so busy working, spending time with friends, traveling on weekends, watching massive marathons on Netflix and reading that I’ve simply forgotten how to make time to blog. Either way, I’m back. Hi.
I could take this time to tell you all about the really boring things I’ve been doing, but there is something so much more important than that I’m going to do.

I’m going to share with you all one of the best nights of my life. As most of you know I’ve been a part of the Northwest Indiana Listen to Your Mother cast for the past two years. And while I certainly loved my first year and all the people I met, I have to say that this year was different. This year was a little more special and magical. And that’s because this year I got to enjoy this with my mother.


Mom and I at Listen to Your Mother Northwest Indiana 2013. Photo by Beth Fletcher Photography

My mother is my best friend. She’s the best person in my life and my favorite person in the world. Yes, I make fun of her constantly and with no remorse, but that is how we show love in my family. My father taught me that. He’s my second favorite person in the world, but it’s a very close second.

Anyway, this year I got to take the stage to talk about the changing relationship I have with my mother. Last year I read about being the child of a working mom, but this year I wanted to do something different. I wanted to talk about how far we’ve come in our relationship. I wanted to compare who we are now to who we were 20 some years ago.

Here is a small excerpt from my piece that night.

There will never be a point in time when I don’t need my mom. I needed her to clean up my skinned knees. I needed her to keep me in line when I was a sassy little shit of a teenager. I needed her to show me how to become an adult. And now I need her to hold my hand as I navigate the real world on my own. She’s my map and my compass and my North Star all rolled into one very loud, opinionated, suit wearing, technology challenged woman.  And without her I would be lost.

The only thing better than being able to stand in a beautiful theater in front of my loved ones and tell everyone how amazing my mother is was being able to watch her on stage. My mom gives me so many reasons to be proud of her, but I was grinning harder than I’ve ever grinned before when she took the stage. She was amazing.

During Listen to Your Mother you don’t really have time to absorb the pieces the other cast members are reading. Your heart is pumping so fast and you’re caught up in this incredible energy. Well, this year I’m going to take the time to review each of the pieces and write a little bit about it. I might not be a mom, but I’ve always said you don’t have to be a mother to learn from this show. You just have to be alive.

This year, Listen to Your Mother has partnered with The Partnership at They are sponsoring the release of our videos. Please, take a moment to make a pledge that you will not abuse prescription drugs.

Once you’ve done that, watch my video! (I can’t watch it because I hate my voice with an unholy passion. Also WOW my hair was bright.)

Watch the others as well, of course. And look out for my reviews of all the lovely ladies I met during this amazing experience. Next year I will be in the audience watching the next generation of LTYM voices. I cannot wait.