on the 3rd anniversary of your 59th birthday

Without every asking for anything in return you have given me 30 years of love and support. You have forged through the thickest forests of doubt and struggle and left me a clear path to follow. When I veer off that path to find my own way you never pull me back and insist I follow behind you. You endure my endless mockery, my constant attitude and tedious inability to listen to you for one single second with ease. For my entire life you’ve been an example of grace, determination and intelligence. Everything you’ve done in your life has been for yourself, but by focusing on yourself you have also created a better life for me. You never put aside your own ambitions or dreams simply because you have a child. You’ve taught me that I do not have to sacrifice who I am under any circumstance.

You gave me a love of geekery. Without you I wouldn’t be counting the days to the new Star Trek movie or wearing a TARDIS necklace at this very moment. You taught me that endless worlds exist within the pages of a book. When my imagination ran away from me and I lived in my own world of fantasy you never tried to pull me back. You never chastised me for wanting to be bigger than the small town I hail from. I only ever received endless encouragement and praise from you.

Every time I made (make) a mistake in life, you hold my hand through it all.  Even when I’ve angered you with my stubbornness and stupidity you have loved me. That love, that amazing, true and incredible love, has never wavered. You love me completely and unconditionally.

Älska mig mest när jag förtjänar det minst, ty då behöver jag det bäst.

Love me most when I deserve it the least, because that’s when I need it the most. ~ Swedish Proverb

Tomorrow is the third anniversary of your 59th birthday and you don’t look a day over 55. I am proud to be your daughter. I am honored to be your friend. I am excited to see how our relationship grows in the future. There are days when I fear I’ve not become the woman you want me to be or that I haven’t achieved enough in my life. But then I remember that I am just like you. Your passion came later in life. Your child came later in life as well. I am not failing in my life, I am simply following the path you’ve cleared for me.

I love you, Ma. You are beautiful, intelligence, passionate, kind and determined. I am so thankful to have you in my life. I am so honored to be known as “Leanne’s Daughter.” For all my teasing and mocking, you are the woman I aspire to be in the world. Happy Birthday, to my amazing mother. I hope that today and every day following is as beautiful as you are.



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